Cunning Boy Detective Elli Pope and the Satchel of Secrets

Word Count – 440

Cunning Boy Detective Elli Pope carried the bag of evidence into the family room and presented it to his mother, who sat on the couch and observed the television with great interest.

“Mother! I have solved the Case of my Toys Disappearing!” Elli announced with the charismatic glee of a seven year old. He wore his Crime Solving Hat – a white bicycle helmet of courage and certainty that he imagined the Hardy Boys would wear as they solved mysteries and if they wore Crime Solve Hats – and Elephant Pajamas of Business.

“Elli, don’t interrupt the teevee,” said Mother.

“Aha! But Mother! In solving this Mystery, I have also unlocked the Truth of Satchel of Secrets in the garbage!” Elli beamed. “In investigating one case, I found them linked and behold: satisfaction!” Elli unwrapped the knot on the bag of evidence and dumped its contents on the ground in front of Mother. His missing toys, filthy and covered in refuse, emerged from the bag like trash emerged from a bag of trash.


Cunning Boy Detective Elli Pope, recognizing the familiar tone of Angry Step-Father, Criminal Empire Mastermind, dropped the sack of evidence and turned to face him, being completely overshadowed by the villain’s monstrous, adult size.

“I solved the Mystery! Mother must have dropped my toys in there by accident. And then You covered it up!” Cunning Boy Detective Elli Pope accused Angry Step-Father. He pointed his chubby fingers at him threateningly. “You sir, have been defeated by my superior deductive skills.”

“I threw out your toys because you’re too old for them and they’re filthy.” Mother lifted her feet from the ground as a thick liquid cascaded from Elli’s sack.

Elli Pope stood stunned, shocked by Mother’s betrayal. He had read about treason before, but had never imagined it could infect someone as high as Mother. “He’s gotten to you! You’ve become slave to his criminal plans! He means to kill and rob us all!” Elli Pope shouted, dodging Angry Step-Father’s long arm by dropping to the floor and kicking wildly. “And I hate you!” Cunning Boy Detective Elli Pope added for good measure.

Cunning Boy Detective Elli Pope, after being flogged by Angry Step-Father and returned to his room, was flogged again for making long distance calls to Scotland Yard demanding they get off their fannies and rescue him.


Tune in Next Time as Elli Pope solves the Riddle of the Moans of Mystery coming from his Mother’s Bedroom by bursting in and shouting: “What’s all this then?”

© Timothy Legion, 2009

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