For purchase inquiries, commissions, bookings, questions, or if you just want to yell at me about whatever, my e-mail is my name, ‘jd‘, then the ‘@‘ symbol, then ‘‘.


@jdrenaud – If you’re gonna follow me anywhere, follow me there. Usually the place new art and show announcements are made first.


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@jdrenaud – I barely use Twitter, because a comedian I really respect followed my a few years ago and now I’m afraid to say something stupid and find out they unfollowed me because of it. But yeah, that’s me.


J.D. Renaud – Yeah, I’m there, but don’t bother. I’m only on Facebook because I have to be. It sucks. If for some reason you don’t have Instagram or, you know, email, I guess you can get in touch with me there, too. But don’t.