For Sale

If any of these things look good to you, get at me through to snatch one up. All are available to be shipped at an additional charge, usually between $20 to $30, depending on size, distance, and delivery time.


Get some legitimate good time motivational vibes for your homestead.  Made of the scraps of dozens of previous pieces on 8×10 canvases, you can give these little reminders of malcontentairy for the low, low price of $20 EACH!

  • Being Derivative Is Not As Easy As It Looks
  • Meat With Opinions
  • If Your Art Is Too Meta, It Probably Won’t Sell
  • Not Usually An Art Guy, But Geez




  • ’72 Degrees In Your Head All The Time’
    formerly Kids In The Hall : Brain Candy
    18 by 24 gallery wrapped canvas
    $180.00  NOW $100.00


  • ‘Kill Screen Mini’
    formerly Donkey Kong
    11 by 14 in a custom wooden frame
    $70.00  NOW $50.00


  • ‘Diamond Scraps’
    formerly Blood Diamond
    8 by 8 in a custom wooden frame
    $40.00  NOW $30.00






All prices have been SLASHED! I’m clearing house, and these puppies have to move!


18 by 24

  • ‘Strawberry Tart’, formerly Crank: High Voltage – Was $180 – NOW $60



For those of you outside the general area of Winnipeg, I finally made a real store for some of my older stuff, and I’m able to ship!

The prices listed are base level, and do not cover additional shipping charges. If you are interested in anything you see and are curious about shipping costs, or if you live in Winnipeg and want to save some money by arranging a pick-up option, contact me to arrange payment and hammer out the ‘deets.

Now quit your dilly-dallying and go buy something…


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