FAQ / Commissions


A few years ago, I decided to destroy all my old movie posters and recompose them all into abstract pictures.

To really explain why would require telling a long, weird story that you really don’t need to hear. It involves me realizing I was asexual while working in a pornography store, a nervous breakdown, and the coldest winter in over a century. If you ever run into me and want to know the finer points, I’ll tell you, but for the sake of brevity, all you need to know is that I devote an obscene amount of my spare time to making these. It’s collage, but with only one piece of source material. It’s fan art, but indistinguishable from it’s source. Their existence is inherently pointless, but they’re really fun to make and pretty to look at.

I call them One Sheets. Mainly because I think it’s a snappy title for the series, and because ‘Decoupaged Copyright Infringement’ is too many syllables.


Most of the images you see in the gallery are made entirely out of a single source image, usually a poster or multiple copies of the same poster, pasted onto canvas, with no other added elements. These are the bulk of what I do.

Occasionally, I’ll veer outside those self-imposed restrictions, and create pieces made from art books, calendars, album covers, larger pieces made from over sized subway ad style posters, tiny ones from the remains of other pieces, ect.

The main thrust remains the same, though. Take a recognizable image, alter it to the point that it becomes unidentifiable, and make it say whatever I want it to say. Then you put it on your wall and look at it a bunch. Boom, I just explained art to you.


Sweet. Everything I currently have for sale online is available here.

You can contact me directly to arrange shipping details. Depending on your location and the size of the piece, some items may require additional shipping charges. The prices listed are the base prices for in person pickups if you live in Winnipeg, and do not include shipping costs. I will provide full invoices upon request.



Hell yeah, I do. I always welcome a challenge. The style and look of much of my work evolved from people requesting pieces that I otherwise would never have thought to make. Some of those commissions ended up being some of my personal favorites.

Here’s the basic breakdown of how the commission process works…


Usually the first thing a client asks about is if I can make a piece made out of _____, and about 99% of the time the answer is yes. I have a number of ways to track down almost any poster or image needed to make a piece. Of course, it’s a great help if the client already has the poster/posters/materials needed to get me started, but I have my ways. Each commission presents it’s own challenges and opportunities, so the client and I will discuss before proceeding what style I will approach their piece with. I’ve had a few requests in the past to ‘make this thing look like this other thing you did’. It’s unfortunate to shatter people’s dreams, but I’m not in the business of giving anyone false hope. I sometimes can’t make a specific thing look like another very specific thing. I’ll let you down easy and give you a suitable compromise, I promise.


A standard movie poster measures approximately 27″ by 40″ inches. With one poster of this size, the largest I can usually make the piece is 18″ by 24″ inches, give or take. The final piece will always be significantly smaller than the source materials, and depending on the arrangements made between us, the base price for the final piece will be set depending on the size of canvas needed to make the piece. Generally, I like to play it safe and say however much material I have to work with, the largest I can make the final piece will be about half it’s surface area in size. Unless requested not to do so, I’ll always aim to make it the largest it can be. Other factors, such as canvas style (standard, thicker gallery stock, wood, ect.) also factor into the final total. Final pieces can be hung on their own, or placed in open-backed frames.


If the poster or posters needed to make the piece are provided by the client at no cost to myself, the only charges for the completed piece will be for materials, labor, and shipping (if needed). Damaged posters and prints may not be usable of they are too weathered or moistened (God, I hate that word), but I will do the best I can with what you give me. If I need to buy it, the cost of the poster is to be paid by the client. After I have found it, I will always confirm that the price I’ve found it for is acceptable for you, and arrange payment before proceeding. I’ll do my best to find multiple sources, and offer the highest quality, least expensive options possible. A deposit at this point will be required. You will not be expected to pay for the final piece until after it is finished, but you know, I’d be nice if you did, and you’ll be bumped ahead of all other commissions in the queue.


Turn-around time varies depending on a lot of factors, but a premium can be put on your order if necessary for an additional fee. I generally always have a few commissions lined up at any given point, so if yours is not time sensitive, no additional charges will be applied. Date-sensitive orders, especially ones that require ordering a poster, must be placed at least a month ahead of time. Depending on size, completed pieces take an average of two to three weeks to be ready from when the poster has been acquired. Commissions for Christmas gifts must be made by December 1st, and posters must be provided and/or paid for up front.


You may notice that occasionally I’ve been known to make fan art pieces, such as ones depicting cartoon characters or even full on new illustrative creations. These are a whole different ballgame in the world of commissions, and the client and I will have to discuss at length the ins and outs of these particular oddities. Needless to say, they often require a lot more time and preparation, and thus are always more expensive than an abstract piece of comparable size. While I’m primarily an abstract artist, I don’t like to turn down a challenge. Depending on what you want, we’ll hash it out and see what can be done. Just saying, expect higher prices and a longer wait time.


You are under no obligation to buy the final piece if you do not like it. HOWEVER, and this is a big HOW-FUCKIN’-EVER, this is provided that all costs made for the purchase of the poster, plus additional charges for materials and labor are paid. If you paid a deposit it will not be returned, and I reserve the right to sell the piece to someone else. Look, I’m a weird dude making weird shit in his one bedroom basement apartment. Don’t be a dick.

Contact me if you have any other questions.