One Sheets


For a plethora of reasons I don’t really feel like going into right now, I’ve decided to destroy all my old movie posters, and recompose them all into abstract pictures.

All of the images you see are made entirely out of a single film poster. Most are pasted onto a 16 by 20 canvas, with no other added images. I call them ‘One Sheets’. Mainly because I think it’s a snappy title for the series, and because ‘Decoupaged Copyright Infringement’ is too many┬ásyllables.

All unsold images are on display in The Purple Room at Frame Arts Warehouse, and can be purchased by sending a private message to @jdrenaud on Twitter.

Series One

Series Two

Series Three – Xmas Commissions

Series Four – The Revenge

The Making of ‘Personality Goes A Long Way’, formerly Pulp Fiction

Series Five

Series Six – Commission Impossible

Series Seven – First Gallery Show

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