WE’RE CLOSED (for now)

Due to the ongoing pandemic, and as a result of strained financial and logistical circumstances, we are unfortunately temporarily closing our store, and are currently not able to take any new commissions at this time.

The cancellation of many markets, gallery exhibitions, and the safety of pickups and delivery of pieces has effected many artists, myself included. Despite my best efforts to continue making and selling art digitally, I simply can’t risk the safety of myself, or my clients, in continuing to do the once common practices of shopping for supplies, preparing items for shipping, or meeting to exchange pieces. Plus, everything is cancelled. I’m sure you know. It’s in the news.

Thank you for your support, your business in the past, and your resolve in getting through this mess and coming out the other end stronger and kinder. I’ll be back to rip things up and glue them back together again soon. Don’t worry about me, little ol’ paper boy is hardly an essential worker. If you are one, hats off.

Stay sane, speak moistly, and carry a strong stick.

J.D. Renaud

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