Writers Meeting – “Movie Conflict Resolution”

Word Count – 300
Tim says: I don’t know, it was a good movie, but I could not help thinking that if someone had just picked up the phone and called the cops that everything could have been avoided.
J.D. says: Name one movie that would not have ended 45 minutes in if someone had just called the police instead of just letting things go.

Tim says: “Some crazy bastard in a car just ran us off the road! His car? It’s black and has a large skull painted on the front.”

J.D. says: “Police! Help! Two mad men have destroyed our hotel room with knives and grapefruits! I think they might be on drugs!”

Tim says: “Yes, there’s a man who has threatened to kill me. His name is Porter. I don’t know his last name.”

J.D. says: “Yes, officer. My friend Mr. Beale has been acting very strange. Thanks for keeping him from coming back to the studio.”

Tim says: “Hello, I just woke up in a suitcase after being locked in a room for fifteen years. Please, send help.”

J.D. says: “What’s that? You say you didn’t kill her? Oh, well, sorry for the confusion, Marv. Have a nice day.”

Tim says: “Yeah, he keeps talking about burning the building down. I don’t know, he’s always pretty quiet. He did say something about a stapler.”

J.D. says: “Hey there, I just found 6 dead mexicans in the desert. Did I find anything else? Well, I did find a, uh, empty satchel.”

Tim says: Alright, I think we’ve milked this premise for pretty much all its worth.

J.D. says: One more for the road, “Hey, I’d like to do a background check on a friend of mine. Last name Durden, first name Tyler. Huh, no listing, you say…” 

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