Writers Meeting – “The Moon”

Word Count – 270

Tim says: I wish I knew that the moon was going to get bombed earlier than the day it was bombed. I would have rocked that.

JD says: Yeah, I was really bummed that I did not get a chance to write any material on that.

Tim says: You can make all the jokes you want leading up to it, and then about 10-12 hours after it happens. After that, it’s done. Now we just have to wait for them to nuke Mars.

JD says: They won’t go that far right off the bat. The rule of sequels is you go bigger than the first, but you keep your core fan base by keeping it in the same locale. They will probably bomb the moon as part of a suicide mission next time, then nuke the moon, then nuke Mars, then rape the sun. In a giant rocket shaped like a cock with “FOR SCIENCE!” written on the side of it. In veins. In cursive.

Tim says: Right below that, “She was fucking asking for it. Look at that slutty fucking sun.”

JD says: “She goes away every night, then comes back at 6am like nothing was wrong. Listen bitch, I bombed the fucking moon, and all it does for me is control the tides. You don’t even want to think about what I’d do to you.”

Tim says: This is the portrait of a very abusive relationship.

JD says: Wow, earth is the abusive boyfriend of the galaxy.

Tim says: You always hurt the one you love. With nuclear weapons. While looking for water.

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