Writers Meeting – “White Trash Future”

Word Cound – 150

JD says: There are no more spies, just mercenaries with reality shows. Dog the Bounty Hunter is what all government organizations will look like by 2020. Giant sunburnt men with mullets beating up meth addicts and calling it justice.

Tim says: Just wait for Dog the Bounty Hunter to be named UN Secretary General. He’ll get Myanmar in order with his wife and sweaty offspring. Give them all the tazers they can carry.

JD says: Larry the Cable Guy becomes ambassador to France.

Tim says: No! Do not put Larry the Cable Guy into a sentence where he becomes something! You just put it into the aether and someone could happen across the psychic residue and then Bam! It’s green light and I’m stuck on a plane with it.

JD says: Larry the Cable Guy in a white windowless room with only a chair in it. Somehow he’d find a way to call the chair a liberal faggot.

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