Black Friday

On April 22nd, Good Friday, I will be listening to the timeless pop ballad FRIDAY by Rebeca Black on repeat for 24 solid hours.

Yes, really.

This will be taking place LIVE at The Standard Tavern at 61 Sherbrook Street from 12am to 12am on their patio. Come on down and observe me through protective glass while I listen to the song AND watch the video as it is projected on the wall adjacent to me. (NOTE: The Standard Tavern will be… closed to the public on Good Friday. Nobody will be admitted inside and no food or beverages will be served)

This marathon will be held to raise money for SMILE TRAIN, a wonderful charity that provides surgeries for children with cleft palates in the third world. Donations can be made via, by clicking the PayPal donate button at the bottom, or by coming down to The Standard Tavern on the 22nd and making a cash donation in person. Those who donate in person will recieve a one-of-a-kind drawing by me as a token of my appreciation.

You can follow my progression all day long on Twitter, Facebook, through the YouTube Channel ThePlaceholderShow, and here.

Oh yeah, is now a thing. Boom.

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FACEBOOK: J.D. Renaud, “Black Friday”
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One Response to Black Friday

  1. What a fun way to support an amazing cause! The operations they provide are absolutely life changing for so many beautiful children around the globe. Wouldn’t it be great if more people were aware of how easy it was to raise money. …$250 is all it takes to alter a child’s destiny…how much did you end up raising? Be sure to check out the info on what almost happened with the Smile Train Merger!