That’s It, Back To Winnipeg!

THAT’S IT, BACK TO WINNIPEG! – A Simpsons Art Show

The grandest, craziest, most perfectly crumulent art show of all time is happening this spring at the Handsome Daughter!

The fine folks at The Placeholder Show and local artist/comedian J.D. Renaud are curating an all-Simpsons themed art show, highlighting the creative and twisted talents of the Winnipeg art scene! The TV show that warped the minds of a generation will be re-imagined on the walls of West Broadway’s favorite watering hole.

Best of all, we are having and OPEN CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS! If you or someone you know makes cool stuff and can’t shut the hell up about Monorails or Inanimate Carbon Rods, this is your time to shine!

Show opens on Thursday April 27th.



This is an open call for artists of all mediums. Painting, drawing, illustration, mixed media, and photography are all welcome! Sadly, no sculpture, jewelry or things that are unable to be hung will be considered. It’s a bar/restaurant, there will be no plinths or cases for non-hang-able items.

The focus is on taking The Simpsons universe and recreating it in your own artistic style. The more creative, illustrative, personal, and lowbrow (oh, I’m quite lowbrow) the better. All pieces must be the artist’s original works, or prints created by said artist.

This is a TRIBUTE show, and in no way affiliated with 20th Century Fox, or the creators of The Simpsons. (shhh! You wanna get sued?)

All items must be delivered to the curators ready to hang.

We’re looking to have as many items available for sale as possible, and priced under $300, at the most. Wall space is limited, so get crackin’ and submit today!



Since the Handsome Daughter are the coolest dang people on the planet, there will be NO CHARGE for submitting, and NO HANGING FEES for artists! WOO HOO!

If you are able to sell your work and wish to deal with potential buyers directly, there will also be no gallery commission costs. If you choose to have the sale and delivery of your pieces done by the curators, there will be a 15% fee deducted from the sale of your piece. Essentially, if you sell something for $100, and we have to deal with the buyer, deliver the piece, take their money, and get that money to you, we take $15 off the top for our troubles. If you wanna do all that yourself, we take nothing. Shop around, you can’t beat that price!

The focus of the show will be on Winnipeg artists, but we do welcome submissions from anywhere! Please note, any work that requires shipping must be done at the artist’s expense, and we will require the 15% fee for any pieces sold in the artist’s absence. Any unsold items must be picked up and/or sent back to the artist after the show at their expense, also.



Email submissions to jd AT theplaceholdershow DOT com with the subject line “BACK TO WINNIPEG” no later than Sunday April 23rd for local artists, and Sunday April 9th for artists who require shipping. The show will run from Thursday April 27th, 2017, until tentatively July 27th. A definitive end date will be announced shortly. Please note that submissions that do not follow these directions may not be considered. Curators will contact the artists who have be accepted with further details regarding drop-offs.

Attach clear photos of all pieces to your submission email. You may submit up to 5 works, thought keep in mind all may not be accepted. There are no restrictions to size, though works MUST be hang or display-ready. Nothing too crazy big, please, as wall space is limited. Please attach images to your submission email in JPEG format (smaller files are preferred). Please DO NOT submit google drive, Dropbox links, or .zip files.

In the body of your email, please include…

– A short artist bio
– Website and/or Instagram and Facebook
– List of all submitted files including; title, size, medium, and price.

Now, get to it! Less fartsy, more artsy!